Summer Fun

to August

Hot, sunny days and balmy summer evenings restore a sense of vitality, bring back feelings of happiness and conjure up memories of our childhood summers - with campfire romance, shared adventures and carefree joy. But nothing is more beautiful than creating new wonderful memories - of very special and not everyday experiences.

Sommer © TVB Mayrhofen / becknaphoto


Have you ever seen the world from above? That, for example, is an experience you will never forget! Go on, I dare you - have a go at flying. The tandem paraglider pilots will bring you safely down from almost any mountain in the valley, revealing a bird's-eye view of the world as you have never seen it before.

Tandem-Paragleiten © TVB Mayrhofen / Dominic Ebenbichler

in the Zillertal

Those who prefer to keep terra firma under their feet can also view the world from a different perspective "from above" - namely on a mountain hike. Adventurous high-altitude trails, leisurely long-distance tours, sporty short hikes - the huge network of trails around Mayrhofen caters for every conceivable variation. And one thing is always true: the journey is the reward. Take a break at a little mountain stream, put your hiking boots and socks aside and feel the ice-cold water between your toes - it's a thoroughly refreshing experience.

Wandern © TVB Mayrhofen / Lorenz Seiwald / W9 Studios OG

Street Festival

Oh, and of course the social life should not be overlooked either: guests and locals alike come together at the legendary Mayrhofen Street Festival celebrated annually at the end of July, when the high street is transformed into a great social meeting zone. Delicious valley delicacies served on every corner, with performing music artists tucked in-between, a huge throng of hungry and dancing people - it' s as memorable as it is unique.

Mayrhofner Straßenfest © TVB Mayrhofen / Albert Binnekade

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