Martin Fankhauser

Your host with a
passion for authentic hospitality

Just as the seasons have different forms and colours, your host Martin Fankhauser is equally multifaceted when it comes to his talents and interests.

Martin is a quintessential " Made in Zillertal” guy. Born on 17.10.1975, he grew up in his parents' business - the Hirschbichlalm Alpine Guesthouse on the Zillertaler Alpine Road at 1,840 m above sea level, so you could almost say the hospitality trade runs through his veins.  

Gastgeber Martin Fankhauser

The tangible joy
in dealing with people

His studies, however, took him initially on a completely different course: after graduating from Technical College for Structural Engineering, he went on to study architecture at the University of Innsbruck.

His passion for the hospitality trade, however, is a recurrent theme that has permeated his entire life: in addition to his many trips abroad, including a two-year stint working in Spain/Lanzarote’s nightlife, he spent 20 years in the restaurant trade at Gasthof Waldcafe in Mayrhofen, combined with decades of renting out holiday accommodation.  

It is very apparent how important the happiness and welfare of his guests is every time you meet him. Martin was also able to incorporate his penchant for architecture in the construction of his Apartments ALMA. His philosophy, “Happiness is our business!” is is not just a catchphrase, but also a promise to his guests.

By the way: Martin's in-depth knowledge of the restaurant trade also qualifies him to be your personal restaurant guide -he is well acquainted with the finest local eateries and happy to share his knowledge and recommendations with all guests. Where can you get better tips than from a real insider?!

Who and what am I?

Martin's personal passions
in a nutshell:

Hotline +43 664 46 07 317
Martin Fankhauser
Maidlergasse 378aA-6290 Mayrhofen, Tirol